13th December


Apologies for the 5 weeks of silence. My dad isn’t in a good way.

Anyways, just back from a second day at Strongroom in Hoxton, this time tracking drums for 5 more songs that will either end up on the album, the e.p. be b-sides or just sit in the vault for now.

Craig won’t be in the UK much for the first part of next year so it made sense to bag all his parts now while he is here even though he ended up drumming to some stuff that isn’t terribly developed as of yet. He does however have 1 day free for me in February when we will do a photo shoot which should last us the for rest of the year. It’s just a matter of planning.

John also joined us yesterday to play a few small acoustic parts that we didn’t have time to bag last month and also to re-sing “Signs”. However he has a stinking cold at the moment so the singing didn’t happen, he did do the guitar parts though, but it effectively meant he drove all the way from Reading to play 7 chords. It was good to see him though.

So with all that now out of the way, I have exactly 8 weeks to complete the album. Sunday 14th is the day I’ll email it to Germany. Then I’m going to have a week off.

If I do miss the deadline then the album will not be released by the time we do our summer run of gigs which totally buggers up the whole point of it all. There is absolutely no option therefore to exceed this date, it has to be February 14th or the whole deck of cards collapses.

I’m 50% scared and 50% excited. Oddly addictive mixture…

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  1. Terribly sorry to hear about your dad. Hope your holidays brighten! Thanks for popping round and giving us a word!

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