1st January

We burnt the Christmas tree yesterday on a giant pyre of Amazon boxes. A symbolic moment. Goodbye to all that.

I don’t really do the Biblical thing as I’ve had a lifelong dislike of authority figures and, being a rural resident these days, I find the changing seasons far more spiritually nourishing than worshipping some long dead bloke who’s at the centre of a seriously political game of Chinese Whispers. If I have a religion at all, it’s probably the British weather.

And speaking of which, here we are at the very centre of meteorological British Wintertime – the heart of the most contemplative season. With all the gluttony out of the way there are longer, brighter, warmer days to look forward to now and isn’t that hope a wonderful thing?

Truth be told I haven’t seen much of the outside world this Yule, I’ve been in the studio every day bar Christmas Day and Boxing Day and I’ve loved every single minute of it if I’m honest. It’s blissful when you’ve got something you really want to get on with and the rest of the Western world is on holiday. This planet could do 24 months work in 12 if it wasn’t constantly bombarded with an incessant barrage of emails and phone calls about things that don’t actually matter.

My family have been incredibly tolerant, more than that, they’ve actually encouraged me to do this and I’m deeply indebted to them for such generosity. “Daddy, are you going to the studio again..?!” is a phrase I’ve heard many times this Christmas, I’ve promised them I shall be all theirs next time round, but for now the drums are done as are the guitars and the bass. What lies between here and Feb 18th is fear, panic, long stressful days and long calming walks, this is what memories are made of. I’ve also given up alcohol until delivery so I’m doubly motivated. The next drink I have will have been well earned.

So….Happy New Year then. Let’s go.

6 Comments on “1st January”

  1. Your sacrifices don’t go un noticed and are much appreciated! I’ll buy that beer, or at least A beer when next we cross paths! Happy New Year!

  2. Amen to that. Looking forward to it, Jem.
    In the meantime – Happy New Year! 2016 and all that…
    With big luv, manly hugs and cries of ‘huzzah’!

  3. Happy new year Jem! If I may, let me tell you that everything you made so far was so intense a fascinating. You’re the guy who can handle all of this at the same time : doing brilliant things, blogging, making making of videos, and so on! I can’t wait for that new album which will be great, as usual ! (I hope it doesn’t contribute to your stress, but it’s pure friendly and peaceful words ! 😉 )

  4. Hello Jem, je viens de découvrir ton talent extraordinaire et votre virtuosité à tous.
    Quand j’ai écouté le CD , j’ai immédiatement décollé de ma place et voyage dans toute la galaxie.
    Enfin je retrouve une harmonie hors du commun, comme au temps de Gentle Giant et Genesis et tous les autres.
    Je ne sais pas si tu es croyant , mais je te souhaite beaucoup de bénédictions et de paix avec ta famille de la part de Celui qui prend soin de tout le cosmos et de ses atomes.

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