22nd October

We’re, for that read “I’m”, into the bit of making this album now that I’ve been dreaming of ever since it got going, namely turning some of the frankly Bontempi-tastic demos I’ve made into proper pieces of music. For months, and in a couple of cases, years…these songs have been 2D at best. Now comes the part where I get Industrial Light and Magic in in the form of the other 3 gentlemen and the keyboard player bit of me rather than the boring write-y bloke and we fill in all the gaps and have some fun at last.

I generally write on a piano sound with drums and possibly a synth pad for backup and frankly, I’m bored shitless of these boyband versions of the songs, I want to hear Blunders at full chat, Mitchell giving it the beans and Nath underpinning it all with his phenomenal bass playing. Over the next two weeks all of that will happen and then I can start to bring the whole thing together at last.

These final 12 weeks are going to be the very very best bit of all.

One Comment on “22nd October”

  1. I am as giddy as a very giddy thing that is a subject matter expert at being giddy upon hearing this.

    And we’ve got more than 12 weeks to wait…

    Congratulations on moving on to the fun phase, hope it is all it can be!

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