23rd October

In bed early. Lights Out in 15. 6am start. Long day tomorrow. Drums recording up that London starting at 9, coffee at 8.30. Have also booked a December date to track drums for the “Others” e.p.  – Signs, Eat, Lantern, Fathers, Exhibit A at least, possibly 1 or 2 more as the album is coming in at about 67 minutes at the moment and that really is too long for a single album. Therefore the sword is currently hanging over either “Heart Of Violence” or “British Wintertime”. It depends how they turn out.

No single album should top an hour, sorry, they just shouldn’t. Just like films really don’t need to be 2 and half hours long. It means you’re either a) trying to justify the budget to the investors, b) just blowing smoke you your own arse coz you think you’re worth it or c) you aren’t actually that good at story telling. I lose interest, my arse goes to sleep and I start worrying about the poor babysitter. And that’s just the CDs…

It’ll all see the light of day one way or other.

Good chats with record company. Have release date – May the somethingth. Perfect timing for the summer gigs. Currently working on ideas for a proper website finally as well as videos. Yes, actual videos!! – with us pillocks in ’em and everything!

And I’ve just remembered I get the rights back to EIMA next month! Has it really been that long?!

3 Comments on “23rd October”

  1. If it was going by titles alone, I’d say I prefer British Wintertime. There’s something about that title – it hints at potential. But maybe that’s just because it’s the name of the blog.

  2. If it’s going by titles alone, British Wintertime has the edge for me. That title just hints at potential. But it may be because that’s the name of the blog… I don’t want the blog to beat me up if I don’t say nice things about it.

  3. The New Epo Dictionary of American Englishness definte “at least” as: “A phrase of inclusivity which usually means the same as “et cetera” (meaning “with Pete Cetera”), “at a minimum” (very small mother?), or “I was too tired/lazy/bored/widdly to continue typifying”. When used by Jem Godfrey it should be read to be something along the lines of, “And 1976. Definitely 1976. Maybe. Perhaps. Someday. When I re-record the vocals to “The Little I Saw of Cuba”. Maybe before that. Maybe after. Maybe never. Ooohh! Bacon sarnie!”

    At least that just happened in my head.

    May somethingth. Me likey.

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