24th December


Well now, how can this year be done already? I remember like it was yesterday morning going for lots of icy and refreshing walks around here at the start of 2015 thinking that I’d have the album in the bag by the Spring. My mind boggles that it’s 12 months later. I haven’t really noticed this year at all with everything that’s been going on and I don’t think that’s a good way to live to be honest. One for the 2016 resolution list I think…

11am on Thursday February 18th is when the album will be mastered so I have 54 days to get everything done. Consequently I’m working every day over Christmas with tomorrow and Boxing Day off only. It’s going well though, I’ve comped the drums for 4 songs with 3 to go. Then I’ll move onto the guitars and then the bass. Once I’ve got “the house band” in place I’ll layer my stuff around them. I’ve never done it this way before and it’s interesting being able to play off the other 3 rather than having to create everything myself and the replace it all. It’s required quite a leap of faith from the other chaps as all they’ve heard up till now have largely been very sparse arrangements with lyric-less vocalisations of questionable pitching ability, largely because I was making it up as I was recording it.

It was equally embarrassing while we were doing the drums at Strongroom as we had “outsiders” in the form of Lee the engineer and his assistant. Christ knows what they must have made of it all.

The tracklist is finalised – Day One, Numbers, Towerblock, Lights Out, Signs, Sunlight. Slightly embarrassing that I’ve had to hoof off “British Wintertime”, but time constraints have made it essential. The whole thing is just over an hour long as it is.

January will also see the start of getting a new website up and running in collaboration with Crystal Spotlight. We’ve always had a pretty shambolic web presence up till now and working with Rob and his team will finally sort that out once and for all which is a great relief.

But that’s for then, for now have a peaceful end to the year. I’ll carry on comping in the meantime. Catch you on Jan 1st for the race to the finish line.

8 Comments on “24th December”

  1. A very exciting year ahead in Frost* world! Looking forward to it immensely and can’t wait for the gigs come June & July.
    Best wishes to you and the family for Christmas and New Year and see you on the other side



  2. May I wish the other Frosties* and yourself the compliments of the season and here’s to a Frost* new year.

  3. Great to see you playing at Lonely Robot.
    Loved the encore ( Black Lught Machine)
    Can’t wait for new Album and making over way up from Southed to see you at Robin 2 next year. It may be a very frosty* June!

  4. Thank you so much for the update Jem. We truly appreciate the peek behind the scenes. Wishing you and yours the merriest Christmas and a splendid new year!

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