4th November

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Just back from two intense, but brilliant days recording all of the electric geetars for the album with John Mitchell at his studio, The Outhouse, in Reading.

What’s blown me away this time has been his active drive to evolve what he does musically on guitar for the band. He absolutely did not want to play it safe or repeat what he’s done before and as such it’s been two of the most delightful and creative days I’ve ever spent with him.

Truly progressive in the correct sense of the word, he remains the bloody genius and backbone of the band he’s always been.

3 Comments on “4th November”

  1. Is that the goldish Epiphone from Lonely Robot 1 going into a Blackstar? Inquiring former guitar anoraks would love to know…

    And I would like to eat at a Nandos in that airport sooner rather than later.

  2. I really hope you’re filming some of the behind the scenes stuff for this album, and that we get to see it eventually.

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