Numbers video released!

This is the first proper video we’ve ever done so I was keen for us to not resort to scowling in some graveyard somewhere pretending life is s*** and the sun doesn’t shine anymore. I don’t think it’s credible for older people to pretend they’re full of rage and angst when really we’re much more concerned with being able to keep the mortgage going and the impending arrival of statins.

This therefore is what I consider to be a more honest debut video being, as it is, rendered entirely by computers using as much technology as we could afford to distract from the fact that the combined age of the band is about 173.

I’m also delighted to be the first prog rock keyboard player in music history to be rocking an ironing board on YouTube. And none of it would have been possible without the superb work of Crystal Spotlight who managed to turn my bizarre idea into such a wonderful reality. Onwards!

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