And so the Falling Satellites UK gigs are over and what cheeky rascals they were…

On behalf of the band I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every person who came down to see us. We had a great time, laughed a lot and I’ve come home with a head full of great memories.

Photo credit: Federico Floresta
Special mention must also go to the people who came from very far away – Israel, Italy, Canada, Japan, Brazil, the US, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, France and even Australia. I’m sure there were others too, but my daft brain isn’t playing ball at the moment, Tweet me or comment down below though if I’ve left anybody out. All of us were absolutely staggered, flattered and honoured by your commitment, sincerely thank you.

Photo credit – Federico Floresta
Thanks also to the legend that is “Slaps”. I never did find out his actual name, but he came to EVERY. SINGLE. gig! We decided to make the London show our Christmas AGM at the last minute and it was Slaps who just happened to have a Santa hat on him, without him there it wouldn’t have been nearly as festive. I didn’t get a proper chance to say thanks at the end, so if you read this Slaps – thank you so much for your unbelievable feat of endurance and support. It’s the guest list for you next time mate, and a pint or 9 on me. Out fabulous crew also need to be warmly hugged – French Freddy, Twig, Dave, Taylor and Nellie. BIG thanks you lovely patient people.

Photo credit – Federico Floresta
Thanks also to Jill who did the PR for the shows, got me on BBC Radio Bristol and even more incredibly, got them to play “Lights Out”.
And high fives all round to Miles and Rob Skarin of Crystal Spotlight who came to film us for a future vid we’re planning.
As of now our next gig is just over 210 days away, I’m going to spend the rest of the year proving to my family that I exist rather than being “that bloke in the shed we hardly see”, but the slow gathering of ideas will soon begin again no doubt and we’ll be up and off into album 4 before you know it. Rest assured that it definitely won’t be 8 years until the next one. Keep an eye on here for further announcements in the meantime…
IwlIj jachjaj!

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