Welcome to the new Frost* website!

Well, here is it! Here we are! Welcome to our brand new online web nest. There has been much going on behind the scenes since the album was completed last month, not least of which is the thing you are currently looking at. Huge thanks are due to Rob Skarin at Crystal Spotlight who has battled valiantly with my peculiarities to make this site come together in what little time I gave him. We’ve had a properly shambolic web presence over the years entirely of my own making which only goes to prove that sometimes it really is better to just get a man in.

So with the album finally signed off and the website up and running, the next phase is all about the gigs. I’ve tooled up a new rig which is a bit of a departure from the previous way I’ve gone about things, I’ll divulge more about that in due course when I’m convinced it all actually works. I’m still doing a lot of manual reading at the moment. And tea drinking, lots of tea drinking. Tea and manuals go very well together. Much better than gin and manuals. Gin and manuals tends to end badly I find.

Lots of work done, lots of work to do. 92 days until the first gig…

12 Comments on “Welcome to the new Frost* website!”

  1. Properly excited about the full-on return of Frost* (London gig tickets purchased, oh yes!) The new web thingy looks terrific; worth the wait – as I’m sure the album and tour will be!

  2. 1) Waited patiently for 8 years.
    2) Bought tickets for the Bilston gig when first announced.
    3) Have pre ordered the vinyl album + cd + t-shirt + postcard bundle thingy from The Merch Desk.
    4) This had better be bloody worth it.
    5) ROCK ON…………………..

  3. I am leaving this comment for two reasons:
    1. I really enjoy Frost* although I struggle with being a fanboy/sycophant every time I say something nice about them. Damn you, expresionlessm social media!
    2. It’s a very, very cool website (you see, I just did it again…bugger!)
    3. (Although there was originally only two reasons) Did I mention that I got name checked on the cover artwork of ‘The Rockfield Files’ It remains my only claim to fame?

  4. Liking the virginal white look (!) and anticipating clapping my lug holes around some juicy new Frost* sounds. What ho!

  5. Love the new site. Will love the new album and live London gig. Would love some new Frost reports to smile at. Love to you all.

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