Frost Viewing Rooms

If you've be waiting for the much vaunted Dingwalls Falling Satellive video recordings from 2017 then this is just for you. Our Viewing Room membership is here to give you access to this lots of other emerging content incuding:

  • Dingwalls "Falling Satellive" streaming whole show (no encore sadly as the video recording was really poor)
  • Individual video tracks for selective viewing
  • Downloadable MP4 (MPEG-4 AAC, 44100 Hz Quality) of all audio tracks


  • Video and some audio content that might have been online a long time ago but is probably forgotten now!
  • Some seen and maybe unseen Frost Reports from way back when...
  • Gig Video Reports from 2008 onwards
  • Christmas Session Videos from back in the day

Also also...

  • A bunch of content we've yet to filter through that is as rare as hen's teeth on a rocking horse.

Keep an eye out for updates!